31 March 2011

Dalton Turns 11

Fabulous Facts about Dalton in No Particular Order:

He wants to grow up to be an actuary.
He is collecting interest on PACE buck, (his school's currency), loans to his friends.
He would LOVE to learn how to work the real Stock Market.
He sells his Halloween/Christmas/Easter candy to his siblings and friends at an awesome profit.
He has recently started babysitting for me at $1 per. hour, a rate we both have agreed upon.
He enjoys reading books, but mostly ones in a series so he can keep going, and going, and going...
He does 3 jobs a day without complaint.
He monitors his own 30 minutes of earned Wii time each day.
He plays the piano beautifully and wows his instructor each week with his dedication to practice.
He is reverent for sacred events and is becoming more in tune with the Holy Ghost.
He enjoys his morning routine of shower and starting breakfast just before I get home from the gym.
He has improved his trampoline skills already this spring and hopes to master a back flip by the end of the summer.
He has a great group of friends that I envision being a strength and support throughout his teen years, possibly his whole life.
He and Joe and friends have built a sturdy hideout/fort complete with lighting, computer access (not internet), TV (not cable), and protected by rubber-band guns.
He is a delight to his parents, teachers and a good friend to his siblings.

Happy Birthday!

(This is all the good stuff of course. We also call him our absent minded professor for reasons that need not be recorded ;)


Shirley Nelson said...

Who does he know that's an actuary? I never even heard of that profession until about 20 years ago. Of course, I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box. He's a great young man and it will be exciting to see how life's opportunities open up for him.

Mercedes said...

i'm a sucker for halloween candy. pretty sure your son could make a killing off selling exclusively to me.

impressed that he wants to be an actuary. i didn't even know that that was until about a year ago.

sounds like you have a boy who is on his game.

michael is reading this too and he says: tell dalton to forget being an actuary and to go for hedge fund managing.

Sherrie said...

I'm still not sure what an actuary is (risk assessment???), and I sure don't know anything about managing hedge funds, but Dalt IS on his game, and I'm super proud of him. Thanks for your thoughts.

Arizona Dunbars said...

What an awesome kid. I hope my boys turn out like that!!