10 February 2011

Dalton's 2nd Piano Recital

Remember I started teaching Dalt last year. Well we got him a real teacher in September 2010 and he's progressing beautifully! He loves playing, I only sometimes have to remind him to practice and even then, he's happy to do it. Actually he plays at the most inconvenient times ie: screaming Jennie? Dalton is playing. Screaming Joe, Dalton is playing. Crying Sophia, (she's not much of a screamer) Dalton is playing. I've realized that he uses it to scrub out the chaos of family life. I'm just glad he has a productive coping mechanism. He loves learning the theory, his mathamatical mind finds patterns everywhere. I see music being his lifelong friend.


Lori Ann said...

Go Dalton! Music is a great escape from the chaos of life. So awesome that he discovered it now!

Brian & Erin said...

He did great! I love it when boys play the piano. I want my boys to play so bad. Austin just started 3 weeks ago, beautiful music hear we come.

Heather said...

Yay for Dalton. My Collin is the same way. Very mathematical and so music just fits right in with that.