09 February 2011

She keeps us laughing

In the supermarket...
Jennie: (loudly with a pointed finger) "That man looks like a..."
Me: (in a whisper) "Jennie, put your finger down."
Jennie: (this time in a whisper) "I was just going to say fungus"

At home...
Joe: "Mom, Jennie just said a bad word"
Me: "What did she say?"
Joe: "F*%#head"
Me: "Jennie!"
Jennie: (running up the stairs arriving at my side in a pant, but with the look of complete innocence.)
Me: "Jennie what did you just say?"
Jennie: "Well, (then putting her pointer finger on the edge of her mouth and looking away from me.) about that..."

Lying on the office floor in a bed of her own making...
Jennie: "Let's play sleeping beauty mom."
Me: "Okay" (I stroke her hair with a random My Little Pony brush)
Jennie: (eyes closed and just about asleep) "I'm waiting for my true loves first kiss."
Me: "Who is he?"
Jennie: (eyes still closed) "You can be him for today mom" (cutest pucker you've ever seen)
Me: Smooch

As I'm typing...she's painting her toes with a basting brush and her water from lunch quoting Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas.


WishTrish said...

Oh, that girl is too much! Love her!

Brian & Erin said...

Youngest child syndrome.....

Lori Ann said...

"I was just going to say fungus"
That is my favorite!

Arizona Dunbars said...

That is awesome!!!