11 January 2011

Temple Themed Resolutions

I will worship in the temple weekly (excluding vacations, sickness or temple closures... I'm hoping to make it 40 times).

I will treat my body like the temple it is (No sugar for a year, and exercise 4-5X per week excluding sickness, but including vacations).

I will make my home the temple it can be(...).

I have specific plans as to how I will achieve the first two goals. In fact I'm doing really well with the body thing, and I've been to the temple once and have plans in place for the rest of the month, but I would love any advice on how to make my home a temple. Where do I begin? Where would you begin?


Shirley Nelson said...

I'm a witness that Sherrie ALWAYS works out while she's on vacation @ home. 5:45 am on vacation, Christmas, etc.

Kimbur said...

Purging and Organization is key for me :) Making sure everything has a place and everything is in it's place. And if it doesn't have a place and you can't find a place throw it out :) Make sure each room has a function (what do we do in here?)But don't take it all at once. Baby steps I like the fly lady she's helped me http://www.flylady.com/index.asp but I've totally tweaked her way of doing things but I LOVE the general idea! And if you need anymore suggestions you know where to find me :)Miss and love you! Hope you had a happy birthday (i did call you :)and hope to hear from you soon!

WishTrish said...

No sugar for a YEAR? Holy unholy heck.

Seriously, the home is a Temple thing... that is all about changing myself. I find that if I am in tune with the Spirit, then half the battle at home is won, because I won't over-react, I won't nitpick, I won't belittle, I won't whine, I won't yell, I won't do EXACTLY what I don't want my kids to do. I want to be the Lioness at the gate of my home, defending it from Satan's influence, but if I can't have control over myself, how can I create the refuge that my Temple home should be?

Sherrie said...

I feel like mostly I have the Lioness thing going on for me, we have good family habits and I've noticed lately that other kids are always coming over to our house just to be in our joyful environment. That said, it is totally obvious when I'm having a down day, the kids, my hubby and the house are a WRECK!

Why is my house always messy? That's my real question. I blame the kids, and am amazed at what I can accomplish when once a month Jennie's pre-shcool and Sophia's dance class overlap by 1 hour and as long as no one is cutting Barbies hair in another room or dumping out all the puzzles or "helping" me fold the laundry I can clean almost the whole house. In ONE hour!

I kept a clean house when we were newlyweds and will cherish every moment till Jennie goes to school and the house will be clean again.

The temple doesn't have kids or Barbies, or puzzles and they have dozens of voulenteers doing the laundry, so really I'll be okay.

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