15 December 2010


Most of the kids in Joe's class wanted i-toys, and some even wrote nasty letters telling the S man off. Joe makes me so proud.

Dear Santa,
I've been looking for things for Christmas. I love Christmas because I go to Arizona for Christmas, cause my outside family lives there. Joe

Yay for outside family! We'll see you in a few short days!


hope said...

He rocks!

Rachel said...

So, sorry I haven't visited for a while :) I haven't been doing much with blogging lately, but I love Love LOVE your new pic!! Sooo adorable!! :) AND, did you really quit sugar?? I've been considering it and it really scares me :) chocolate is my crutch! I'd love any advice :) Have a happy holiday!!

Rachel said...

And you look great, btw :)
There. I'm done :)

Jaymie said...

i hope your christmas was amazing!

Shirley Nelson said...

We appreciate the sacrifice it was to be with the family @ Christmas. We will have wonderful memories to cherish forever. Loved every minute!